Sometimes I have noticed in my company that we get so caught up in the how we are doing something, that we forget the why.  A couple weeks ago my 12-year old daughter got new glasses.  Her prescription had changed dramatically in a short period of time.  When she got her new glasses her comment to me was “it looks like the graphics were upgraded!”  Definitely my child…

It got me thinking – I had put together some images a while back for administrators at our customers to demonstrate what the world looks like to people that are lacking vision correction.  I pulled the images that corresponded to the correction my daughter had been missing and was floored.  She had no idea that her vision was so bad before she got her “upgrade.”  This image is an accurate representation of what she would have seen out our front door prior.  Keep in mind, she already wore glasses but it had changed enough to affect her vision this dramatically.

Workers around the world have this exact same issue.  They are going about their days not realizing how poorly they are seeing.  In addition to the obvious quality of life issues this creates, imagine how this affects safety and productivity.  You don’t need statistics to understand that the impact on a workplace of uncorrected vision issues.

Over 10% of Eyelation users receive their very first ever pair of glasses from our platform.  I am proud to have worked with the EHS teams at their companies to help get those workers a graphics upgrade as well.  Making access to benefit programs simple enabled this to happen, and that is our why.

-Bradley Kirschner CEO at Eyelation

ceo perspective 20 20 vision at workplace

20/20 vision (photo by Bradley Kirschner)

20/100 vision (photo by Bradley Kirschner)