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Our Mission

Eyelation's core philosophy is simplify our customers' lives through constant improvement of our technology and products. We believe that safety is enhanced through simplicity.

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From Our CEO and Founder

I founded Eyelation in 2009 with the idea that we had to make it easier for people to get Rx safety glasses at work. I realized that the process for getting safety glasses in the traditional way was very cumbersome, so I developed a self-service eyewear kiosk that we began deploying in 2011. I have realized that by making the process of getting safety glasses easier, we are actually making people’s workplaces safer. The companies that trust us for their eyewear make the food that we eat, the cars that we drive, the planes that we fly, and even send things to space!

I am humbled to see companies large and small adopting our safety program. We have now been able to take our learnings from the core of our business, and expand to the general public through our e-commerce site. It is because of our customers that we are the premier safety eyewear provider in the US today. Our entire company remains committed to proving that to every one of the people who trust us with their vision and safety.

-Brad Kirschner

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