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At Eyelation: our core philosophy is to simplify our customers’ lives through constant improvement of our technology and products. We believe that safety is enhanced through simplicity.

About Eyelation

Eyelation is the leading provider of safety benefits management solutions for the workplace. Eyelation uniquely solves companies’ PPE benefits management challenges by consolidating procurement and delivery of safety equipment (PPE) for employees under one unified platform.

The Eyelation safety benefits platform is an end-to-end solution allowing each customer to control the delivery of safety products specific to each employee’s needs.

Through innovation and efficiency [and its supplier-agnostic approach], Eyelation brings best-in-class PPE options to industrial enterprises, saving customers millions of dollars in time and enhanced productivity annually.


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Prior to founding Eyelation, Brad worked in optometry in the Chicago area. At his family’s practice he learned every aspect of the optical business, including overseeing a program that provided prescription safety eyewear to local companies. Realizing that companies needed a better way to provide employees with prescription safety glasses, he founded Eyelation in 2009 to make industrial safety eyewear procurement simpler and more economical. 

Companies lack effective tools for managing safety benefits and organizing procurement of PPEs. This problem is hard because companies, and departments within companies, structure their benefit programs in different and non-standard ways. For example: Companies may require different PPEs depending on each environment, vary the frequency and timing of benefit renewals, apply different amounts for each component of a multi-part product, vary benefit amounts dynamically based on employee needs, collect co-payments from employees outside the company payment flow, or allow for payroll deduction of the excess amount that employees pay, all of which must be captured and reported.

As Eyelation brought its safety eyewear programs to market, it became clear that companies face many complex and unsolved challenges in managing safety benefits. They began researching ways to consolidate the procurement and delivery of safety equipment under one efficient unified platform, and in 2020 introduced a simple, comprehensive and cost-effective platform for managing employee safety benefits, under the umbrella of safety benefits management automation. The Eyelation platform uniquely solves companies’ PPE benefits management challenges, saving customers millions of dollars in time and enhanced productivity annually.


"Today Eyelation, currently manages benefits for more than 600,000 workers across 1,800 sites across multiple industries. With over 800 self-serve kiosks onsite and 1.5M benefits managed. "

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About Eyelation