Prescription Safety Eyewear Program

Eyelation has been providing  prescription safety eyewear and dress eyewear since its inception in 2009, with its innovative Prescription Safety Eyewear Program and Safety Benefits Management Platform. Which includes on site workplace kiosks and online desktop and mobile platform.  With over 125 distinctive styles and colours from brands like ArmouRx, Bollé, HiDX, Hudson, USA Workforce, UVEX and WileyX.

What is a Prescription Safety Eyewear Program?

A safety eyewear program is an administrative system that transfers the manual task of managing a prescription eyewear program over to our Safety Benefits Management Platform. Some of these tasks include budgeting on a company or individual employee level, tracking eligibility and employee buying history, invoicing and finding an eye care provider.

The platform captures and reports this information in real time so that the company can be certain the correct amount is being paid, for the correct equipment, for each employee enterprise-wide.

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The Benefits of a Prescription Safety Eyewear Program

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that “workplace eye injuries cost an estimated $300 million a year in lost productivity, medical treatment and worker compensation.”

According to The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), “Around 2,000 U.S. workers receive medical treatment each day due to eye injuries sustained on the job. Wearing the correct eye protection however, can prevent 90 percent of these injuries.”

Providing workers a prescription safety eyewear program is an simple choice. But with so many options available it can be difficult to navigate which safety eyewear program is the right choice for each employee and their job function.

Eyelation uniquely solves these challenges by consolidating management of safety benefits and procurement of safety equipment under one unified platform.  The Eyelation platform is an end-to-end solution allowing each customer to control and supervise safety benefits according to its policies, and to let each employee obtain PPEs, such as prescription safety eyewear and footwear, according to their needs.

Our Prescription Safety Eyewear Collection

Benefits to your Enterprise

For (HSE) Health, safety and environment Managers:
  • Benefits and eligibility automatically managed by Eyelation’s platform, saving time, resources and money
  • Centralized management of all safety benefits across multiple product categories
  • 24/7 access to an online management and monitoring portal in real time
  • Best in class benefit management, fulfillment and ease of ordering
  • Customization by department or location so employees access the safety benefit options approved for them
  • Customizable selections, simple ordering and a variety of brands to choose from
  • Consolidated invoicing available through a variety of select Eyelation distributor partners
For Employees:
  • Ability to order PPEs across every shift and location and avoid travel to suppliers
  • 24/7 access to the system
  • Previewing their product selection so they can choose the style they like best
  • For safety eyewear, orders are reviewed by a professional optician and employees can preview glasses on their own photo they like best
  • Timely order processing and fast & free shipping

Prescription Safety Eyewear Program Assessment

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Here are some questions to assess whether a Prescription Safety Eyewear Program is  beneficial to your enterprise:

Simplifying Safety Administratively 
  • Does your company have the ability to track orders through an administrative site customized for your location?
  • Does your company have an automated system in place to manage product selection and the allowance for the glasses?
  • Does your company have an administrative method to add and remove employees from purchasing via a system that tracks eligibility?
  • Are you interested in an automated system for your eyewear program and reduce your time to manage?

Are you interested in our Prescription Safety Eyewear Program? Contact our Customer Service Desk today at 1-888-308-4703 or 

Prescription Safety Eyewear Lens Options

 When ordering your new prescription safety eyewear with the Eyelation Safety Benefits Management Platform, be sure to check out our lens options. These include: Anti-reflective coating, tints & Transitions™, blue light, anti-fog and ultra hard scratch resistance coatings. 

*lens options may not be available to you depending on your benefit package and company