Prescription Safety Glasses Program

With Eyelation, employees quickly and easily order their ANSI approved prescription safety glasses using our kiosk or mobile ordering system.

Eyelation's user-friendly technology guides employees through the simple, three-step ordering process while tracking eligibility, benefit allowance, and approved items for each employee.

Save Time and Money

Program administrators save time with the Eyelation system!

Monitors safety compliance

Tracks registered users

Tracks eligibility dates

Provides summarized billing details

Eyelation's kiosk locations

See it in Action

See Our Solution!

The Eyelation System allows administrators to customize options for employees based on their department and location.

Make Your Employees Safe and Happy

Employees prefer the Eyelation program because they can conveniently order company and ANSI approved prescription safety glasses, using their company benefit, without running all over town.

Kiosk Ordering
Kiosk Measuring

Every order is reviewed by an Eyelation optician to ensure best fit and compatibility of the prescription. We back our products with a 30 day guarantee!

Eyelation's Kiosk stand

Eyelation Kiosk

The kiosk is "plug and play"

Ships fully assembled

Comes internet ready

Free of charge for qualifying accounts

Eyelation's Mobile ordering through WebOrder app

Mobile Option

Order using a desktop PC or mobile device

While kiosks are a great option for large facilities, we also have a mobile solution for small locations and remote workers.

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Eyelation's Safety Shoe Program

Eyelation now offers shoes!

See our safety shoe program

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