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Puma Safety Velocity SD 3166692
Timberland Titan 6 Alloy Safety Toe 97735

Whether your employees are full-time, part-time or contractors, there is no excuse for not having the proper safety shoes on the job! Safety shoes prevent workplace injuries . With the Eyelation Safety Shoe Program, employees have access to our 24/7 online ordering platform, with over 75 brands, 2000 styles and 32K SKU’s to choose from! Our fulfillers offer fast & free shipping with up to 365 day guarantee exchanges and returns. 

Cat 4304405 | Woodward Steel Toe
reebok dayod 2824237

Customized Safety Shoes for the Job:

Electrical Resistant

static resistant

Heat Resistant

Steel toed


slip resistant



The Eyelation Safety Benefits Management PlatformTM is the simplest and most cost- effective way to manage safety programs, creating a safer work environment for your employees! Our platform gives every employee, on every shift, at every location the ability to order their company approved safety footwear when it’s convenient for them!

Employees prefer the Eyelation Safety Shoe Program because they can choose from a variety of approved safety footwear when it is convenient for them and receive their order in a matter of days!