Eyelation is happy to announce our new safety shoe program. Available through The Eyelation Safety Benefits Management Platform, using our kiosk or the online ordering platform.  A safety shoe program is an effective way in  preventing or limiting injury at the workplace.  Safety shoes  should be worn where employees are exposed to conditions that may cause foot injuries.  Some examples of specific hazards that would require the use of safety shoes  are environments where employees are exposed to falling or rolling objects, objects that can pierce the sole, the presence of electrical hazards, and where slippery conditions may exist. 

We offer over 66 distinct brands, approximately 1750 styles, and over 32000 different sku’s. We offer safety footwear that is ANSI approved with a variety of styles and features including: 

  • electrical resistant
  • heat resistant 
  • penetration resistant
  • steel toe
  • waterproof 
  • static resistant

 Are you interested in our PPE Safety Program? Contact our Customer Service Desk today at 1-888-308-4703 or 

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Over 65 distinct brands to choose from: 



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