Workers Memorial Day April 28, 2022

Workers Memorial Day, April 28, was established to recognize workers who died or suffered from exposures to hazards at work. It also encourages us to think of ways in which we all can help to achieve the goal of safer and healthier workplaces.


The Workers’ Memorial Day was first celebrated in 1989 by the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO). AFL-CIO, established in 1955, is the U.S.A.’s largest workers union organization. There are several national and international unions registered with it. The aim of the establishment and the Workers’ Memorial Day is to honor and remember the millions of workers who have lost their lives while at work. The day also aims to provide better safety regulations at workplaces. 

Workers’ Memorial Day on April 28, also known as the Day of Mourning or the International Commemoration Day for the Dead and Injured, also happens to be the legislative anniversary of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. It was on this day that the protection act was passed and the Occupational Safety and Health Association was formed. Before 1989, Canada, in 1984 and 1985, had also declared a day of mourning for the lost workers through the Canadian Union of Public Employees and the Canadian Labour Congress. 

There was a 2% increase in work-related injuries in 2018. Some injuries and deaths are captured on CCTV, and this can lead to the employers’ prosecution. However, it is to be noted that not all injuries or deaths are caught on camera as many are work-related illnesses. In 2007 alone, approximately 53,445 workers died of work-related illnesses. Apart from these issues, there are long-term social and economic impacts on the workers’ families and the society at large. 


  1. Appreciate the workers

    It is because of workers’ daily toil that we are living a comfortable life. Be it being able to purchase fresh produce at the market or having delicious food delivered to your doorstep, these people work endlessly to ensure our society runs smoothly, especially during the pandemic. Appreciate their efforts and be kinder.

  2. Spread awareness

    It is important that we protect the workers by bringing light to the issue. The more voices join, the higher the chance that something will be done. Talk to your friends and family offline and online. Donate to the cause if you can

  3. Read about workers’ historyEducate yourself on the matter by researching. You will be able to better understand the problem and better present your case when talking to others about the cause

Workplace Eye Injury Statistics:

You perceive up to 80% of all impressions by means of sight. If your other senses are compromised, it’s your eyes that will best protect you from danger, not to mention provide a more rewarding life. Preserving and protecting this organ is critical. Unfortunately, 300,000 workplace eye injuries send people to the emergency room each year nationwide.1And in most cases, safety eyewear is not being worn, it doesn’t fit, or doesn’t provide the appropriate protection for the application.

Of these 300,000 eye injuries, it’s estimated that 90% of them were preventable if the workers had been wearing the appropriate eye protection.

That’s 270,000 workplace injuries that could be avoided each year.

Workers Memorial Day

Consider these other eye-opening injury statistics:

Eyelation’s core belief is that by making it simpler to obtain PPE, companies make their workplaces safer and more productive. Complex processes prevent workers from getting the critical protection that they need costing time and money in the process for all parties involved.

All of the prescription and non-prescription eyewear that we sell is custom made to meet the ANSI Z87.1 standard for industrial safety glasses. We don’t carry every frame from every manufacturer. We carefully narrowed down our selection based on data from our industrial customers and only want to provide glasses that work!


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