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What is The Eyelation Safety Benefits Management Platform™?

The Eyelation Safety Benefits Management Platform™ is the simplest and most cost-effective way to manage safety benefits, procure safety products for employees, and create a safer work environment.

Companies lack effective tools for administering safety benefits and organizing procurement of PPE. Eyelation uniquely solves these challenges by consolidating safety benefits management and workplace PPE procurement under one unified platform.

Our end-to-end solution lets managers control and supervise benefits according to corporate policies, and empowers employees to obtain safety products such as footwear and prescription eyewear according to their needs.

The platform captures and reports this information in real time, so you can be certain the correct amount is being paid, for the correct equipment, for each employee. Through innovation and efficiency and its supplier-agnostic approach, Eyelation brings best-in-class PPE options to industrial enterprises, saving customers millions of dollars in time and enhanced productivity.

Eyelation was founded in 2009 by Brad Kirschner, to simplify how prescription safety eyewear was procured for industries. 

After developing and taking the program to market, it was evident that the problem of managing benefits for safety products extended well beyond just eyewear. Customers would ask, “can we do something like Eyelation for other products also?” Eyelation has been working toward that vision since.

Today Eyelation, currently manages benefits for more than 600,000 workers across 1,800 corporate sites across multiple industries. With over 800 self-serve kiosks onsite and 1.5M benefits managed

Why companies are using the Eyelation Safety Benefits Management Platform™

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A Revolutionary Online Platform

Employees can order their ANSI approved prescription strength safety glasses and safety footwear using our online or kiosk ordering system.

24/7 Access

Users have 24/7 access with our online ordering system, allowing your employees to order their PPE with efficiency at their convenience.

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Product Customization

The platform allows customization for departments so employees only have access to approved items specifically for them.

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Fast & Free Shipping

Eyelation is happy to offer Fast & Free Shipping with no minimum purchase required. Anywhere in North America.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Not completely satisfied with your new safety eyewear or footwear? No problem. Eyelation has a 30-day guarantee policy for eyewear and up to 365-day for footwear.

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Real Time Monitoring

Administrators can access an online administrative portal to monitor the program in Real Time.

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At Eyelation, your workplace safety matters to us. Be sure to follow our  Health & Safety Blog, for tips, tricks & discussions about the importance of workplace safety and how to keep employees safe, healthy and happy. 

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